BISSELL Big Green Machine Features

Obtaining such a high level of performance would not be possible without a decent set of features and capabilities.

DirtLiften PowerBrushes Technology: The unique technology provides extra dirt removing power by pushing particles up in the air before getting them inside the machine. Brushes rotate continuously for a better particle circulation.
Long Reach Hose: Unlike other cleaning equipment, this machine does not need to be moved too much around. The long hose adds to its overall convenience, so you can forget about going back and forth with the machine nearby. Instead, you have some extra flexibility for quicker results, as well as more comfort.
Water Flow Indicator: You do not always have to keep an eye on the water tank. Instead, the machine will do everything for you. It keeps an eye on the water level and notifies you when you have to add more of it. This way, you can practically prevent it from breaking down or losing its efficiency. The same goes for the solution level, which is automatically checked. For more information

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