Imagineā€¦ That one amazing soundbite from a key contributor, guest or celebrity at your event. What if it were possible that literally seconds after they had finished speaking on camera, the video had been edited, tagged, branded, and published simutatiously to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram? Well it is now! What's even better is that this rapid video aquistion and instant social video publishing can be repeated multiple times throughout your event, keeping your social platforms updated with real time video content and keeping your audience engaged.

UItilising our live streaming technology, Streambox360 can broadcast from anywhere and stream live to our instant cloud based editor. Within seconds of the action happening we can publish - edited and branded highlight videos, stills and GIFS to all social media platforms simultaneously. Each video clip can be any duration and branded with pre/post roll titles, event branding and Call to Actions. To get more information visit here #live event filming.

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