The Somtex SplitCellTM Memory Foam Mattress adapts to the contours of the human body to offer unmatched support, without sagging or losing its firmness. The next generation of memory foam technology, the SplitCellTM features a patented hex cell cushioned skin at the very top of the mattress to redistribute weight, taking pressure off the joints and increasing circulation.
Engineered from multi-composite memory foam, the mattress core consists of a responsive mid-layer and sturdy base layer to create a mattress that’s firm, yet pleasantly accommodating – designed to improve physical wellbeing and sleep quality. The mattress bottom features anti-slide fabric for additional support and stability. The Somtex sleep system combines a Somtex SplitCellTM Memory Foam Mattress with a Somtex SplitCellTM Memory Foam Mattress Pad and Somtex SplitCellTM Memory Foam Pillow. Experience Somtex sleep technology solutions. For restful, rejuvenating sleep, every night. To get more information visit website #Somtex.

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