The beam angle of the LED recessed lights

An LED lamp generally has a much narrower beam angle of a traditional bulb. So you have a LED luminaire with an angle of 120 degrees wide, but shallow lighting throughout the room, and a small, but also very deep relief in a lamp with a beam angle of 40 degrees. So pay attention to the packaging before you buy your LED luminaire and connect the beam angle when you wish for in the room. Many spots on our site have a tilting head so you can determine the beam angle itself, or the head or not tilted mentioned in all our LED downlights.

The service life of the LED luminaire
is known to LED bulbs last a lot longer than incandescent and halogen lamps, but also between LEDs themselves are still differences. On average, an LED luminaire 50,000 hours with it, but some lamps emit light with a lower lumen in the same amount of hours they can sustain. Note here so well luminaire when purchasing the LED. The lumen and hours are listed for all our LED downlights. Click here to know more about #badkamer led spots.

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